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Reasons Why Telephony Message Voice Over is Essential to a Business

Most of the people who are making phone calls to you are those you have had business before and are now taking an interest on your organization. These are the types of people that you should be talking to. Did you know that by holding the caller on the other line even for juts thirty minutes, you are already creating an impression about your business, you are making them interested on your business, you are able to cross the sell higher margin which is the standard for products and services, to answer questions that are being asked most of the time, and even to strengthen the image of your brand? This is a type of telephone voice over messaging where in you will leave a message that you can use when putting a caller on hold.

If you are looking forward to creating a positive effect on your business, you can actually make use of the IMS telephone on hold player as it is known to be as one of the easiest ways in creating and managing on hold messaging system which is beneficial for your business. Listed below are few statistics that MOH productions provide in accordance with the use of on hold messages :

On hold messaging system is an effective way of reducing callers hand ups by seventy nine percent.
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Message on hold system is also a way to keep the callers entertained and informed while waiting to be connected again on the other line.
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Of all the callers you put on hold and does hung up, only thirty four percent of them will not call back and such reduction of number is due to the presence of the telephone on hold messaging.

According to researches done in line with this matter at hand, eighty eight percent of callers prefer telephone message on hold instead of other options available.

Telephone on hold messaging is also another way of promoting your product and based on some studies, about sixteen to twenty percent of callers actually made a purchase based on the product they have heard on the on hold messaging.

According to the statistics from A&T and the On-Hold Messaging Association, it shows that callers tend to stay on the line twenty five percent longer when telephone on hold messaging system is present compared to when they are being put on hold and be embraced by a dead air or just some random background music. This is also the case with radio as callers tend to stay much longer (about seventeen percent) when message on hold system is present.

It will also be advantageous for you and your business to have an IMS On Hold Messages and Music Player as it gives you complete control over the scheduling of your messages such as from specifying the active date ranges up to the times of the day a message must be active.